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Clarity is critically important.  When you hire an attorney you need to know what the attorney can do for you and how he plans to accomplish your objectives.  We do not speak legalese with our clients, we speak English.  As such it is our mission to always help you understand how we are going to achieve our goals.  As part of our mission for clarity, all of our pricing is a flat rate.  Our price is our price.  No hidden charges; no hidden agendas.


Bond Hearing / Motion


Being held in jail is difficult for most people charged with a criminal or serious traffic offense.  Being released on bond is important for many reasons.  First being out of jail will help your attorney prepare for your defense, locate witnesses, and allow you to earn a living while your case is pending.


Under Virginia Law, the court generally looks at the nature of the offense, the weight of any evidence, the defendant’s family and employment ties to the community, length of residence, criminal record and history of attending court. Additionally, there are certain cases in which there is a “rebuttable presumption” against bail—meaning the judge is to presume that no bail should be granted absent evidence that overcomes that presumption. These rebuttable presumption cases include offenses such as murder, rape, kidnapping, robbery, certain drug and firearm offenses, serious sexual offenses, repeat protective order violations, and any felonies committed while on bail for prior felonies.


Having an experienced criminal or traffic attorney can help you obtain a bond.  John Greenside and Associates has been helping clients obtain bonds for over 20 years.

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