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It is difficult to live in the Commonwealth of Virginia and not be legally able to drive.  So how do your get your privilege to drive back?  


The Commonwealth of Virginia no longer designates individuals with multiple driving convictions to be Habitual Offenders. However, if you were declared to be a habitual offender prior to this change, you must petition a Virginia Circuit Court to restore your privilege to drive.   In order to qualify for license restoration, many steps must be followed.  


First, you should obtain from the DMV a copy of your driving record and a compliance summary.  This will show the steps necessary to obtain your license and when you qualify for restricted privileges or full restoration.


Second, you must pay all outstanding fines and costs, or make necessary arrangments for payment.


Third, you must file a petition in Circuit Court requesting restoration of your license.  


Fourth, if your determination as a Habitual Offender was based in part on a DUI conviction, ASAP must evaluate you.  


Fifth, a hearing on your petition will be set, and the Judge will decide whether your license should be restored or not.  


Having a lawyer to guide your through this process, advise you, and argue for you is critical to your success.  I have assisted many clients through this process and would be happy to help you get your privileges back.