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*****    Extremely satisfied

Mr. Greenside represented me in a traffic violation. After careful explanation of what he expected the outcome to be I felt confident I was in good hands. As expected the charge was totally dismissed. Thank you to Mr. Greenside for all of your help! I was extremely satisfied!

- Sara W 3/6/2015



*****   Excellent!

I received a reckless driving ticket, but Mr. Greenside was able to get the charge reduced to a infraction. He and his secretary were both helpful and also accessible. Highly recommended!

- Michael M. 2/6/2015


*****  Excellent Customer Service Experience

I had a very pleasant and productive interaction with John D. Greenside's office. From his receptionist to the actual attorney handling my court case, I felt that they kept me informed of all pertinent matters within a reasonable amount of time. Also, they answered all of my questions with accuracy and allowed for additional dialogue availability at any time I needed assistance. This was a reminder of how customer service should be and they exemplified it to me.

- Shirodk F. 1/20/2015


*****  Good job

He is the best Lawyer. He was truthful and was on point with his information.

- theodora u. 1/12/2015


*****Good service and results

The personal service from Attorney Greenside was outstanding ! The results were good too . reducing the ticket And a fair price.

- S B 11/21/2014


***** Very professional, and puts his clients' needs first

- Al C 11/7/2014


*****   Informative and Helpful.

I received a letter from Atty. Greenside. It was concerning representing me for a reckless driving ticket from VA State Police. I contacted Mr. Greenside we spoke several times and I appreciated his insight into my situation and his assurance of a positive outcome, if I did my part. I took care of his suggestions and he represented me in court and had the ticket amended to a far lessor penalty and fine. I received multiple mailings from lawyers in VA but I felt more comfortable while dealing with Atty. Greenside. I would recommend anyone needing an attorney familiar with the Judges and Courts in VA and the workings of the system there use him. I was very pleased.

- Vernon B. 10/6/2014


*****   Outstanding!!!

John D. Greenside offers outstanding personalized service and customer care. I've heard from other local Virginia Beach lawyers, that John Greenside is one of the "better lawyers in our area" and an "all-around nice person". He handles law with a friendly, down-home feel, giving ultimate consideration and care to your individual needs. He maintains a friendly approach when speaking, and offers the kind of respect and personalized care everyone deserves. I did not feel rushed or feel like just another number when I met with him. He t;;;;;;;;;;;ook the time to listen to me and I appreciated his opinions and advice. I would highly recommend John D. Greenside to anyone asking about lawyer services in our area.

- Jennifer B. 10/4/2014


*****  Speeding Ticket

Mr. Greenside was very professional and was able to reduce my speeding ticket to improper equipment from my calibration. I would recommend Mr. Greenside to everyone.

- Alex R. 9/30/2014  


*****  Relief

Mr. Greenside is a true professional. Throughout the 2-month wait for court, he expressed sincere concern for my wellbeing and was attentive to my legal position. His assistant, Sara, kept me informed of all changes and updates relative to my case. Not only did she contact me via phone, but she emailed the information as back-up. Even better, the day preceding court, I conveyed my fears, but was eased by both Sara and later by Mr. Greenside himself. They were both reassuring and confident about the outcome. Behold, the results were exactly as they said.

- Linda L. 9/22/2014


*****  Highly recommended

I had John Greenside represent me in court for a misdemeanor traffic violation. I am pleased with the outcome. The criminal charges were reduced as well as the fines. Highly recommended.

- Andres L. 9/22/2014


*****  I recommend attorney Greenside 100%

I was very pleased with the service received from Sara and Mr. Greenside. Mr. Greenside handled my case in a very structured and competent manner, gave me easy to understand legal advice and most importantly a realistic assessment of possible court outcomes including options to work towards the best possible result. The final ruling was more favourable than I expected. My case was an out of state driving issue. Mr Geenside and his office team were available by phone and email, polite, clear and on top of things at all times. Thank you.

- Oliver F. 9/12/2014


*****Very satisfied with the service I received

I am very satisfied with the service I received. The firm took care of me and I appreciate it. I highly recommend. Thanks.

- William b 9/5/2014


*****  GREAT

He was very pleasent. Sure and he knew how to handle the case. Very Happy

- Tonyia L. 8/29/2014


*****  Professional, honest, understanding

It begins with his office manager, Sarah. She's on the ball, always friendly, and doesn't make you feel like you're a turkey, even if the reason you ended up there was because you acted like one. She was helpful on the phone and didn't rush me, although you understand a lawyer's office can be a very busy place. Sarah was helpful when I arrived and didn't hesitate to make copies for me of documents I forgot to make copies of, even though it was my responsibility. Mr. Greenside is a very calm man who is by no means a pushover or weak in any way. He gets to the heart of the matter by having a discussion with you, not integrating you. I felt like he had a sixth sense about judging character and was helpful in offering life advice woven within his law advice. Mr. Greenside is also well versed in the law and as well versed in the local judicial scene. He checked the docket to see who the judge would be for the day in order to get a sense if my case needed to be continued, possibly, I felt, in case the presiding judge might not have been the best choice for my situation. However, going forward, he approached the claimant and very thoughtfully presented me to the individual in order to get the case dismissed in a fair manner. While the other side had no attorney, he was able to position himself as a mediator and brought both parties together. All ended well. I highly recommend Mr. Greenside and his practice for superior service, judicial intuition, and common sense thoroughness. Thank you.

- Bonnie G. 8/28/2014


*****  Highly recommended

Highly recommended

Mr Greenside has represented myself, friends, and family members with great success. We have benefited from his professionalism and working relationships within the court systems. I have and will continue to refer potential clients to his office.

- Michael U. 8/27/2014


*****  John Greenside

I made a unfortunate mistake and needed an understanding lawyer, John Greenside was not only that but also a very educated one. He was always available when changes happened with my case and gave me much needed advice. It showed to me as well as my family he cared.This all came at a very reasonable price. I've recommended him to others I am so pleased

- Mark W. 8/15/2014