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For many people, their first involvement with the Court system, is after they received a speeding ticket.  Many people may regard a speeding ticket as a minor inconvenience or a right of passage, but do not realize the effect that a speeding ticket may have on your insurance rates, your DMV point balance, or the effect it may have on your employment.  


Once you realize that your future can be affected by this charge, it is important to do everything to avoid the consequences that a conviction may thrust upon you.  Depending on the speed involved, a speeding ticket will result in demerit points that range from 3 -6 points.  Depending on your current point balance and the quantity of prior demerit violations, this could result in your license being suspended by the DMV.


Fighting a speeding charge in Court takes preparation and knowledge.   John Greenside & Associates has been fighting these charges for over 20 years.  In many cases, Mr. Greenside has had these charges, dismissed, reduced to non pointed violations, or reduced to a lesser charge.  To find out what he can do in your particular case, call him today.  The sooner you contact him, the sooner he can help you prepare for your defense.


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