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Have you recently received a summons for a stop light or stop sign violation, and feel that you are innocent of the charge?  Did you approach a stop sign, stop momentarily, and then proceed through the intersection, only to have the officer accuse you of not stopping?  Did you approach a traffic light on yellow, and then get into the intersection on red, but the officer state that you went through a red light?  


If any of the above has occurred to you, the assistance of an attorney may helpful to you in court.  Your observations of the light or stop sign may have been different from the officer, depending on the officer's view, any visual obstructions, or any distractions that the officer may have been dealing with.  


A conviction for a stop light / stop sign violation will affect your driver's point balance, cost you in fines and costs, and increase your insurance rates.  You do not have to battle this alone.  


John Greenside & Associates has been practicing for over 20 years, and can help put this experience to work for you in your case.  Call today.  757-490-7757.  

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