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An Absolute Professional

I hired John after coming across his reviews. It was a late night and wanted to get home when I was caught with a reckless driving ticket. With a busy RN schedule, I’m grateful for coming across John Greenside. He asked for key factors that needed to be completed and they all were done in a prompt manner. He was able to drop my reckless driving to improper driving. No heavy fines, jail time, or license suspension. I appreciate everything and all that you do for others John, if I ever need to reach out again, I know without a doubt in my mind who to call. Thank you for everything once again.


Great Experience!

John is a pleasure to work with and is very personable. He was also very thorough and completed our will documents accurately and on time. I can definitely recommend John and his firm for legal needs.


Just Pleased as Punch!

He helped me fight a traffic ticket in Norfolk, and was able to advise me on what to do to prepare. It was dismissed! I never thought this could happen when the traffic cop showed up with diligent records on everything and was very thorough in his account on what happened with every single stop. Not all of the other traffic attorneys who were there on the behalf of others were not able to get them dismissed based on their records. John Greenside stood out among them for sure. I am so grateful. Thank you! Thank you!


Professional & Effective

Literally called the office the day before my student was due in court for a traffic accident and subsequent ticket. John made room in his schedule with less than 24 hours notice, got to know my student, represented him well, and the case was dismissed. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thank you for your quick action, excellent competency and communication!


Excellent Representation

I got myself a speeding ticket, I hired John Greenside to represent me, he was prompt , professional , and I would highly recommend him to anyone in traffic court in Virginia Beach, he was excellent. I didn’t do all of my part that I should have and it was still reduced . Thanks again. I would use him again.


Reckless Driving.

When I got my speeding ticket for reckless driving, I had about 10 letters from different lawyers, after reading the letters and reviews, I went with John Greenside. The best decision I ever made. My ticket got reduced to just spending, no online classes. The misdemeanor charges was scaring me to death. I’m glad it’s over.


Amazing Man and Attorney

Mr. Greenside has helped me more times than I care to admit. I have never been disappointed by him or his staff. I would recommend him to family and friends immediately.



Answered the phone at 10:00 at night the day before my court date. And got my ticket taken care of next day. Communication was proper!


Reckless Driving, Not Guilty, Defective Equipment.

Once again Mr. Greenside got me out of trouble. I followed his advice and provided the documentation he required. At some point I WILL get in trouble again and I will be calling Mr. Greenside.


Excellent Attorney for Civil and Criminal Advice

I highly recommend John Greenside for all types of legal advice. I have referred friends and family to him, and he has always been extremely helpful. He gets real results, in and out of the courtroom.


John D Greenside is Excellent!

We got pulled over while driving from DC to Cape Charles, Va. The officer issued me a traffic ticket that was a four point violation. The whole thing was nonsense. I was stressed about having to make another long drive just for traffic court, but out of principle, I had to fight it. I knew that I did nothing wrong... John D Greenside represented me in court and had the ticket 100% dismissed. I didn't have to leave DC. He called after he left court to give the good news. No fines, points, or anything! Thank you, sir!



He resolved my traffic matter quickly and painlessly. I didn't have to travel or do anything. He got my traffic matter taken care of and was very professional and called me right away with everything. Highly recommend him and his associates who are very nice and pleasant to speak with.


Traffic Ticket Dismissed

I hired John to help me with a traffic ticket in Virginia Beach. John was very responsive and gave me guidance on the steps I needed to take to have the best outcome. At traffic court I was prepared and my ticket was dismissed. Hopefully, I will not need John in the future. If I need a lawyer I would definitely retain his firm again.


Reckless Driving Reduced

Mr. Greenside was upfront and honest. Which is very hard to find these days. If the opportunity arises where I can recommend him and his services, I surely will!


Experienced and Effective

Got matched with John Greenside via an app. He gave me great advice and representation in my case and that led to my ticket being dismissed without court costs. Couldn’t ask for a better result, recommend this guy 100%!


Couldn’t Be Happier

I had the unfortunate experience of getting a reckless driving speeding ticket while rushing to pick up my son. Legal Shield recommended John Greenside, and I couldn’t be happier with the result! I did the things he asked me to, and the charge was knocked down to a minor violation and fine! I hope to not ever need a lawyer again, but I would definitely hire him (and highly recommend him). Mr. Greenside was kind, efficient, and effective, and I am grateful that he represented me!


Reduced to a fine!

John was very helpful and empathetic. Makes the entire process easy to maneuver. Got my reckless speeding 89/55 reduced to a fine. No suspension or worse. Thank you again!!


Great Lawyer!

Mr. Greenside Helped me win my appeal case! Received no jail time. Great Lawyer to work with, told me everything I needed to do before court and it came in handy. One thing I do know about Mr. Greenside he knows his stuff!


Got My Case Dismissed

Although John had to be a little late to court, he arrived before my case was called and we got to sit down a minute so we could discuss my case. John questioned the police officer's account and provided the judge my Driving Record and certificate of completion of driver improvement course. Judge dismissed the charge against me.


Driving Ticket

He took the time to listen what we were going through explained every set we needed to take before getting any money from us such an amazing Attorney even speaking to Hailey before reaching him was very pleasant experience


Power of Attorney

We hired Mr Greenside to draw up a power of attorney document. He was very professional and explained the process in a way that we could easily understand. He is a very pleasant man and easy to talk with. We used him previously to draw up our wills and will definitely use him again if and when we need legal advice. We highly recommend him.


Speeding Ticket

John talked to me briefly and listed what I should do leading up to the trial. His professionalism and knowledge law allowed him to guide me towards the proper steps in terms of dismissing the ticket or completely reducing it. In the end I was only ticketed for defective speedometer . John is the best, and I will send others his way that have gone through a similar experience as me


Courteous, Prompt, Efficient

John Greenside was referred to me by my LegalShield preferred network provider, Friedman, Framme & Thrush, located in Richmond, VA. I couldn't have asked for a more professional attorney to handle my traffic violation than Mr. Greenside. I didn't even have to show up in court nor did the case need to be continued because I had COVID. Attorney Greenside had the judge dismiss the charges against me. And because I am a LegalShield member, I didn't have to pay for anything other than court costs. My insurance company still thinks I'm a perfect driver! What does that mean to me? It means that my insurance rates don't go up...I have Attorney Greenside to thank for doing an awesome job.


Great Lawyer

Mr. Greenside is a fantastic lawyer and I could not be happier with his service. He is professional, gives great advice, and presents himself impeccably in court. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer.

Mr. Engelhard

Completely Worth It!

Atty Greenside got my entire case dismissed in court. What would have been expensive and hurt my record, is now gone. Highly recommend!


Discharged Speeding Ticket

Attorney Greenside did an excellent job for me. He was able to get a ticket discharged that would have given me points and possible loss of license. I would recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you Mr. Greenside for helping me.


I Was Really Impressed

I contacted Attorney Greenside's office on a Saturday and though the office was closed, Attorney Greenside immediately and personally returned my call. The speed of his response showed me the level of commitment and care I could expect from this Attorney. I retained him for a family member who was facing 4 traffic violations with two of them being class 1 misdemeanors with possible jail time if charged. Attorney Greenside was able to get 2 charges reduced ( suspended license to driving with no license, reckless driving to improper driving) and 1 charge dismissed (no insurance). In meeting with myself and my family member I was really impressed with Attorney Greenside speaking of driver accountability which promotes responsible driving.


DUI/Firearm Charge

Mr. Greenside went above and beyond for my case. He argued my firearm charge and won. I highly recommend Mr. Greenside for any DUI cases.


Excellent Service

Mr. Greenside and his team were very helpful for my ticket. Made an excellent recommendation that worked in my favor for my ticket. He took the time to call after hours to accommodate my schedule. The lawyer that met me was very nice and treated me like a team member. Walked away with the charged dismissed and no court cost.


Great Guidance

Mr Greenside has the knowledge and experience which was required in my case. His expertise is not just advantageous to the appropriate law but also years of interaction with various judges.


Highly Recommend

I'd like to say thank you to Mr.Greenside, he was able to get my speeding ticket dropped. Mind you, it was a significant speeding ticket(based on that I take a simple driving class). I used the app "Off The Record" to find a confident and successful, and specific lawyer. I was given Mr.Greenside. We had to play a little bit of phone tag, but he made the phone calls short and concise, very professional. I do wish he would have spelled my name correctly on my letters. Definitely will be using him again if I get another VA ticket!


Got Me the Best Possible Result

He did all the talking for me, He also got our case to be one of the first ones heard so I got through in 25 min including paying the court. He got my charges dismissed for court costs. I would recommend him to anyone needing help with traffic tickets in the Hampton Roads area.


Great Lawyer

Hired him for both my cases. Mr. Greenside is reasonably priced and honest about what he can do for you and your case. Pray I never need him again lol but definitely got number saved just in case. Can’t thank him enough!


Case Closed

John was excellent.....needed a lawyer in Virginia seeing I am out of state, and it would have been extremely inconvenient to drive to Virginia, I called John, he discussed what my case entailed, was able to get the case won for me, and saved me time and money


Great Results

I was caught speeding 67 mph in a 45 mph zone. Mr. Greenside represented me in court and got my violation reduced down to improper driving. The results of the proceedings were a welcome relief.


Speeding Ticket

Law Firm maintained at all times a very professional conversation over the phone. Apparently there was no need for me to show up to court, whatever he did I was able to do he made everything go away case dismissed. To me that's an awesome lawyer in any standings!


Excellent Lawyer

He does what he say he will do. He gave excellent advice about what I needed to do before court. He is a great advocate. He is respectful and courteous.


Excellent Representation

As soon as I reached out to Attorney Greenside and left a message, he returned my call immediately. I explained my situation, provided him with documentation and after he researched my situation, told me he was able to represent me and have the speeding ticket I had received, out of state, in VA removed. After my court date, he called me later in the day to let me know he won the case and that the speeding ticket would not appear on my record. Overall, he was knowledgeable, personable, professional and confident. I would highly recommend him.


A Lawyer Who Is On Your Side

When I first contacted Attorney John Greenside, I was looking hard for someone who would understand and defend on my behalf. When the time came to defend against the judge, Attorney Greenside went above and beyond. We didn't meet enough as he was very busy with other clients but despite that he helped me defend my case as if we knew each other. He did not waver when it came to his questions and he stayed demanding for answers to them. I was truly blessed to have Attorney Greenside to defend with me and I would recommend him to everyone.


Reckless Driving

Mr John Greenside represented meduring my traffic case . Job well done would highly recommend him to fight for your legal matters.


Fantastic and Personal Service

John was very personal, informative and knowledgeable. He gave me specific advice to increase my odds of making and winning my case. At the end he got me the best possible results. I am very happy!



Great Attorney helped me with my speeding ticket resulting with great outcome way above my expectations.


Reckless Driving Reduction

I am from New Jersey and was on my way down the coast when I got a speeding ticket in Virginia for doing well over the speed limit. The officer also decided to tack on a reckless driving charge, which was my biggest concern since it is criminal.
John assured me he knew the judges very well and could likely get this reduced, as he has had similar cases in the past. Not only was the Reckless driving charge reduced to Improper Driving, the speeding charge was dismissed. This was the best possible outcome since almost never will this be completely dismissed with 2 charges and speed so high.
He informed me there was a 80% chance that he was going to have to appeal it in another hearing, which would be an additional charge from his firm, but he was able to avoid this as mine fell into the 20% that was taken care of in the first hearing.
John was great with answering all my questions and would easily recommend his services to anyone in a similar situation.


Great Experience

Mr. Greenside was very helpful in assisting me with my speeding case. He was very communicative, and was able to provide me with the best outcome possible. If I am ever in a situation in VA again, I would not hesitate to hire Mr. Greenside again!


Outstanding Lawyer!

John Greenside gave sound advice and preparation for my case. We came out with an amazing outcome and I couldn't be happier. He is very informative and I would recommend him to any friends that need advice or a representative in court!


Quickest Court Case in History

I hired Mr. Greenside to represent me in a recent matter regarding a traffic accident. Mr. Greenside heard my testimony, stated he believed this matter could be resolved in my favor; and that he would be happy to represent me. He quoted me a fair price for his services; asked me to obtain a few bits of information and documentation. The day of court we walked up before the judge and in less than two minutes we were free to go, case dismissed. Truthfully, I assumed this was what would happen; however it is always better to have legal defense. We may not have needed any of the evidence that we went in with, Mr. Greenside may not have had to truly argue this case. But what I appreciated most was, Mr. Greenside was confident, I feel he was honest with me from the beginning about all matters discussed. I appreciated Mr. Greenside's professional manner and directness. I would hire Mr. Greenside in the future and I would also recommend him to others.


Simply Put...I’m Glad I Hired Him.

This was my first legal issue of any kind. I was incredibly nervous and lost on what I had to do. He made everything simple. Told me what I needed to do to help myself, gave sound advice, and kept in regular contact prior to my court date. His staff was professional and very accommodating. I would hire him again in a heartbeat, though I hope I never have to.


Excellent and Caring Lawyer

Mr. Greenside has done an excellent job helping me to resolve my reckless driving case. He was with me every step of the process, and got my charges dropped. He represented me in my absence, so I didn’t have to come back to Virginia from New York for my court day. I highly recommend Mr. Greenside. Two thumbs up!


Case Dismissed!

John has a great blend of common sense, personality, and professional networks to provide the absolute best advice in any legal scenario. In my case it was dealing with a nut-case-neighbor (if you have one you know what I'm talking about!) End of the day, it was case dismissed!


Exceed Expectations

From our first call I got the sense I could trust John. His experience and knowledge of the local court system, the judges, and his recommendations were spot on. He helped me address my traffic violation with a minimum amount of stress and all the costs associated with the infraction were reasonable and on the low end. I would definitely recommend John for your Virgina traffic violation attorney needs.